Frequently asked questions

If I need accomodation near the race, where can I stay?

Waynesboro has hotel rooms available at Travelers Inn & Suites, 1305 Mississippi Dr Also, Maynor Creek Water Park offers cabins, camping sites, and RV sites: There are several hotels in Laurel, MS (30 minutes from Waynesboro) including major chains

What is the river level like? Any obstructions?

River level varies because the Chickasawhay is not a managed waterway. It is part of one of the largest free flowing river systems in the United States. So, if we have had a lot of rain leading up to race day, expect racing conditions to be swift. If we have had little rain, levels can be lower. In late June/early July one can reasonably expect the river stage to be between 4 feet and 9 feet on average. There are few obstructions on this part of the river, but it is not uncommon to encounter logs and limbs.

Will food and beverage be available at the start/finish or along the way?

Our sponsors are very generous, and we will have snacks available at the start. Registered participants will receive notification closer to the race date with details about food available that morning. At the finish, we roll out the red carpet for our participants with great food and hospitality! However, competitors are responsible for bringing enough water and snacks to sustain them during the competition.

Will toilets be available?

Yes, portable toilets will be available at the start and the finish as well as at our event celebration at The Fields of Waynesboro

What if I cannot finish the race?

If for some reason you cannot finish the race, we have an excellent support team to assist you. Emergency Management and law enforcement organizations from around the area will be at the boat ramps and on the water during the race. Also, we do have an emergency takeout point near the 1/2 way mark should you need to leave the race.

How long does it typically take people to finish?

This really depends on the type of craft you have, the water level, and physical fitness. Our fastest competitors in K1 race disvision will finish between 2.5 and 3 hours. Smaller, recreational kayakers can expect to finish between 4 and 6 hours as long as they keep up a steady pace.

Will we encounter any dangerous wildlife?

Probably not. Snakes aren't really an issue on the river itself, and the amount of commotion on the river that day will scare off the odd alligator. The biggest nuisance may be biting flies (yellow flies/deer flies). Some years they are an issue and some years they aren't so much. It is recommended to bring insect repellent with no less than 25% DEET. Mosquitos can be an issue later in the day at the boat ramp, but not on the river.

Do I really have to wear a life jacket?

Yes. This is an American Canoe Association event that requires that all participants wear a US Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Device

Would I be able to have a support staff stage at the halfway point?

No, there is no public access by road to the halfway point. Bring whatever backup equipment and supplies that you may need.

Will there be shuttles for participants?

Yes, we will have shuttles that morning between The Fields of Waynesboro and the boat ramp in Shubuta. Also, there will be shuttles from our race finish back to parking at The Fields of Waynesboro. Particpants will receive an email with details about this.

Will there be canoe or kayak rentals available?

No. Competitors are responsible for bringing their own craft.

I will accompany a racer, but I will not be in the race. Is there anything for me to do while I wait for them to finish?

At our event finish at The Fields of Waynesboro behind Mi Casitas Grill, there will be a hospitality tent. Also, there is plenty of room here to enjoy outdoor activities. Also, you can check out Maynor Creek Water Park which is only a few miles away. Downtown Waynesboro has shopping. Most stores are open on Friday until 5 and Saturday until noon. Wayne General Hosptial has a Wellness Center that is open until 9 PM on Friday and 4 PM on Saturday. Also, there is a 1/2 mile track at the hospital. The Huff Sports Bar and Grill in Waynesboro opens up at 11AM. Mi Casitas is a popular choice for Mexican.

How many times has this race been held

2019 will be our 5th year

What is "The Fields of Waynesboro" and why is it not showing up on Google Maps

"The Fields" is a new sportsplex that is being developed in Waynesboro. 2019 is our 1st year of having evcents here! If you are having trouble finding "The Fields" just look up Mi Casita Grill Waynesboro. The entrance for The Fields is just East of this popular Mexican restaurant. If you see something that looks like fields behind Mi Casista Grill, that is it!